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Well, seeing as it is Sunday and the first Sunday of the new year, I have posted the first 2009 challenge over at drabble_life. I really need to get more members but I've tried advertising and it really isn't helping. A few months ago, I put it into the front page highlight but they haven't put it up there yet. :( Oh well.

I think I may just go read some Chuck and Blair fanfic before going to bed. I am still waiting to hear back on that RPG I was talking about the other day and I guess I should look through some more communities to see if I can find any other PBEM ones to join.

welcome to the weirdness that is my mind

I scare people sometimes.

I know that Stalin had someone assassinated in Mexico with an ice pick. I know the mans name but I cannot spell it and I cannot say it without butchering it. But I can sit here and randomly say that Joseph Stalin had a man assassinated with an ice pick.

And that is really how random my mind works.

I was sitting here reading my new magazine on Tony Stewart and drooling over all the pretty handsome pictures while Roy was talking about a someone who had a pick through their heater hose and heater core in their car and I asked if he was planning an assassination like Stalin.

And they just looked at me.

And I just looked up innocently and smiled my slightly off smile.

Than I went back to my magazine for a few minutes. Before I was distracted. By a kiss.

That would be a Hershey kiss - not a real kiss.

Little Friend

Title: Little Friend
Author: TheGrrlGeek
Theme: 007:Grey
Rating: G/K
Length: 100 word exactly
Pairing: Tony/Pepper
Challenge: pepperony100
Summary: He found her sitting in the middle of his desk.

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I just need to say I love littleBIGplanet on PS3. It is so awesome. And I made my brother add an extra account to the PS3 so I can play my own levels instead of playing his. Muawawawawa.

Books for 2009

I'm looking to read at least 100 books in the year 2009 (okay, so I probably average close to 200 books or more a year but still) and to do this, I'm going to create a list and read those books on the list. So I am taking suggestions for books to read. Of course, if I've read the book, it won't go on the list of 100 must read books in 2009 but will go on a list of books to read again. So please, offer up suggestions. I will read pretty much anything but I do adore history books and like fiction, mystery and romance books of times past - though I do read books set in todays time too. To give you an idea, the books I'm currently reading are: The Thorn Birds, Six Wives: The Queens of Henry VIII, The Lions Den: The Six Thomas' in Henry VIII's court and Henry VIII: The King and His Court. I also just got Rhett Butler's People to read so I'm debating whether I should hold that till 2009 or read it now. Anyways, taking suggestions now for those 100 books.


And the Phillies...


Microsoft Offers Reward for Missing Gamer

US software behemoth Microsoft has doubled a cash reward for information on the whereabouts of a Canadian boy who ran away from home after his father took away his Xbox game console, it said Tuesday.

Brandon Crisp, 15, took off on his bicycle from his Barrie, Ontario home on October 13 -- Canada's Thanksgiving holiday -- and rode east along an old rail line.

He has not been seen since.

His father told local media he had removed Brandon's Xbox, built by Microsoft, after noticing changes in behavior since Brandon started playing "Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare" online.

The boy started skipping school, stealing money and ignoring his studies, his father said.

A local newspaper, the family's Internet service provider and Child Find offered a 25,000-dollar (19,500-dollar US) reward for information leading to his return.

Microsoft topped it up with another 25,000 dollars, the company said Tuesday in an email to AFP, "hoping for his swift return."

"Like everyone, we are deeply worried about the disappearance of Brandon Crisp," the company said.

Exhaustive searches have not turned up a single clue beyond the boy's bicycle, found last week with a flat tire.

Police are said to be examining who Brandon played with online. "Law enforcement has contacted Microsoft about this matter and we are cooperating fully with them," said Microsoft.

On Sunday, 1,600 volunteer searchers packed up their reflective vests and ended their efforts to find him, while police stopped their air and water search.

In an interview with the daily Globe and Mail, the boy's father, Steve Crisp, said he had not known how important the gaming system was to his son and how he would react when it was taken away

Experts commented that gamers may form bonds with fellow online players.

"This had become his identity, and I didn't realize how in-depth this was until I took his Xbox away," Steve Crisp told the Globe and Mail. "That's like cutting his legs off."

"This is such an issue that hits every parent out there, with video games that are starting to control our kids' lives," he said.

"I just took away his identity, so I can understand why he got so mad and took off. Before, I couldn't understand why he was taking off for taking his game away."

Now, Brandon's father says he just wants his son to come home.


Taken from devils_sidekick

Because I do need to do a meme tonight.

Supposedly if you've seen over 85 films, you have no life. There are 270 films on this list. Copy it, paste it into a new post and then put x's next to the films you've seen. Add them up and post at the bottom. Have fun!

[] 13 Going on 30
[ ] 21 Grams
[X] 28 days later
[ ] 28 weeks later
[x] 50 First Dates
[] A Beautiful Mind
[ ] A Bronx Tale
[ ] A Cinderella Story
[x] A Walk to Remember
[ ] Airplane

Total so far: 3

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I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus

Title: I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus
Theme: 158:Mistletoe
Rating: G / K
Length: 440
Challenge from: pepperony200
Summary: …her laughter following him from the open elevator…

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