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Well, I did get some work done on my webpage. Yes, I got all my writings up online at thegrrlgeek.net; well not all since I haven't put any of the crappy fanfiction that I wrote years ago but I did put up the two original pieces that I've written and all my poetry. In looking at the dates that I took them from, I haven't written anything since 2005. I cannot believe that it's been five years since I last wrote poetry. That is the best way that I express myself. And I'm not doing it. I'm going to have to sit down and write; either poetry or original. I haven't decided yet.

Besides that, I watched Sunday night's episode of Worst Cooks in America. I have to say, when these people are left up to their own devices, some of the...mixtures that they come up with is disgusting. I thought that the ground turkey meatloaf with pureed yams with cinnamon sugar mixed in was disgusting. But this one...I...words fail me. It was bruchetta with apples, honey, cinnamon, horseradish and prochutta...I think. Do not quote me on that completely but that is what I remember. Ummm...gross? I'm sorry, I can live with the apples, I can live with the honey even if it does close my throat, I like cinnamon and I like horseradish - but all mixed together? Please. That is...well, my stomach doesn't feel well anymore. LOL. I shouldn't be making fun, I've come up with some pretty weird combinations and I do eat vanilla ice cream with peanut butter, pretzels and gold fish as a topping but still...it's not honey and horseradish mixed together. Okay, I've thrown croutons into that mix ONCE and even I will admit that was pretty gross and not one of my finer moments. If I ever write that I'm going to mix those ingredients together - someone please come through the computer and slap me. Hard. *shudders*

Tonights dinner was just grilled chicken and chicken rice. Nothing special but I really didn't know what to make and I wasn't in the mood for frozen pizza. LOL. When all else fails, make frozen pizza. Tomorrow, Gretchen and I are going out to dinner so the family can fend for themselves. Actually, I know there is a ham butt in the fridge and french cut green beans in the freezer - Roy can make that. She said she's going to smack me...hard...when she sees me. I feel so loved.

There really isn't anything else on tonight; well White Collar is on at 10 but right now, there is nothing on. So I turned on the Phoenix/Detroit hockey game. I know, I know. Bad Jenn. But...but...oh forget it, I have no excuse. I know its not a Flyers game but I was kind of hoping to see Detroit lose. Of course, they were tied at 2 when I turned it on and now they're winning 4-2 with less then five minutes. Blah. I shouldn't have turned it on. Instead of seeing Detroit lose, I'm watching them win. Stupid Jenn. Should have turned it off when they got the 3rd goal - not kept watching it. Ohhh...Phoenix just got a goal and there's still a minute and a half left. Detroit can still lose. It's happened before. And Phoenix just almost scored another goal. If the goalie had dropped missed the puck like he looked like he would.

Okay, I still have 30 minutes until White Collar comes on, I'll be floating around LJ while I work on a php script. And I would just like to say that I read what my icon says and no matter what...I need to live. Even if I do suck at social situations and cannot talk to people unless I spent 40 hours a week with them. I just need to live.

Edit: Phoenix just beat Detroit. LOL. Maybe I didn't make it where they could win.


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Jan. 27th, 2010 03:55 am (UTC)
No, there really isn't a lot of cooking going on on that show. I really can't explain my interest in the show because of that. I just...have to watch and see who screws up what.
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