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Today I'm a) wearing light colors and b) don't have jeans on. Yup, that's right, I have on tan Capris and a light gray v-neck t-shirt. I was going to wear my sandals but since there is walking involved and my left ankle still gives me problems with massive amounts of walking, I opted for sneakers to be on the safe side. Don't need to injure/re-break my ankle. Charged the battery to my camera last night, moved everything I could possibly need to a smaller purse (inhaler, credit cards, money, lip gloss, notepad, cash and gum), and made sure the cats have food/water. Downloaded two movies to watch when I get home and now I just have to go clean out the front floor of my car since I'm picking up Pam and I've got stuff there with the move.

Philadelphia here I come. Pictures to follow later.

Oh - and I'm taking recommendations for movies I should get. Recommend!


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May. 22nd, 2010 10:05 pm (UTC)
Movies to get: If you don't mind or you do like vampire flicks, I highly recommend 'Perfect Creature'. It's NZ made, but feels like an internationally made flick. Very awesome. Not 'budget' either.

Avatar!! I know some people hate it, but I personally loved it, and everyone I've talked to in RL have loved it also.

A movie that will make you cry SO damn hard is Griffin & Phoenix, a really great action flick is Street Kings, and a new movie that is quite funny and warm-hearted is 'Valentines Day'.

Um I could go on forever really LOL
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