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001.Immortal 002.Sway 003.Sticks and Stones 004.Museum 005.Practical
006.Over 007.Speak 008.White noise 009.Snow storm 010.Present
011.Quitting 012.Paint 013.Freak out 014.Home alone 015.Haunted
016.Moonlight 017.Front 018.Queue 019.Bus 020.Stare
021.Massage 022.Wine 023.Searching 024.Toxic 025.Forget
026.Stripped 027.Cheating 028.Online 029.Climbing 030.Speed
031.Eating out 032.Admire 033.Thrilled 034.Shadow 035.Coming home
036.Anywhere 037.Lonely road 038.Electrify 039.Coffee break 040.Chained
041.Watermelon 042.Paper 043.Endangered 044.Fragrant 045.Wasted
046.Sheltered 047.Nosebleed 048.Cuddle 049.Fireplace 050.Played for a fool
051.Fireflies 052.Pills 053.Endless night 054.Crawl 055.Invisible
056.Wealth 057.Power 058.Desolate 059.Tissues 060.Varnish
061.Careful 062.Dirty 063.Circus 064.Engagement 065.Junction
066.Barren 067.Lipstick 068.Shirt 069.Shortbread 070.Groceries
071.Speakers 072.Under the influence 073.Odd socks 074.Spatula 075.Watching
076.Sweat 077.Closer 078.Turning Point 079.Mercy 080.Under pressure
081.News 082.Candy 083.Rain 084.Whistle 085.Needful things
086.Lawyers 087.Park bench 088.Locked 089.Tongue-tied 090.Marzipan
091.Butterflies 092.Winners and Losers 093.Abducted 094.Plugged 095.Carefree
096.Writer's Choice 097.Writer's Choice 098.Writer's Choice 099.Writer's Choice 100.Writer's Choice

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Question 5 Continued

Writer's Block: Mind reader

If you were given the choice to read one other person's thoughts, but only if they could read yours too, would you take it? If so, who would you choose, and why?
You know, I thought that my answer to this would be yes. I've been complaining and complaining that there are a few peoples who's minds that I'd like to read just so I can know what they're thinking. I wouldn't want to be able to read them all the time; just for a few hours so I can get some answers to some questions that I have. But the more I think about it, the more I say no. It's not the problem that they could read my mind too because if you ask me a question, then I'll tell you the answer. No, the problem is what if I don't like the answer? Maybe living in ignorant bliss really is better then knowing the answer. But then again, I would like an answer to some questions so maybe yes, I would like to read minds. Blah. Such a difficult question.
Today I'm a) wearing light colors and b) don't have jeans on. Yup, that's right, I have on tan Capris and a light gray v-neck t-shirt. I was going to wear my sandals but since there is walking involved and my left ankle still gives me problems with massive amounts of walking, I opted for sneakers to be on the safe side. Don't need to injure/re-break my ankle. Charged the battery to my camera last night, moved everything I could possibly need to a smaller purse (inhaler, credit cards, money, lip gloss, notepad, cash and gum), and made sure the cats have food/water. Downloaded two movies to watch when I get home and now I just have to go clean out the front floor of my car since I'm picking up Pam and I've got stuff there with the move.

Philadelphia here I come. Pictures to follow later.

Oh - and I'm taking recommendations for movies I should get. Recommend!

Writer's Block: Seasons in the sun

How do the seasons impact your moods? Do you take any measures to ward off depression? Would you ever consider moving to a different climate?

Yes, I do find that my moods vary with the season. The spring, I always seem to get lonely and feel like nothing is going right in my life. That no matter what I do, I'm a complete and utter fuck up. It also makes me stop and think about how I should have more friends, how I should be dating or married and what not. I think it's the whole "spring is romance" thing. The summer, if it's cool, I'm okay but if it's hot and humid I get nasty and testy. The fall and winter, I'm okay. But I really, really hate spring.
I think I am coming down with a cold. This morning I woke up with a slight sore throat and my head felt a bit congested but nothing major. The day wasn't too bad but as the night has drawn on, I'm beginning to feel like crap. Albeit happy crap. Is that even possible? I suppose so because I'm happy and in a good mood, I just feel like crap and I cannot get warm. And we even have the house heat up to 63 when we leave it set between 58 and 60. That's because it's gotten seriously colder outside but the house is warmer then we normally keep it. Blah. I've done so good and haven't been sick since last...March. Well, at least not major sick that I can think of. That is a record for me. Hopefully it's just a small little cold that'll pass quickly. I hate how I sound when my head is all stuffed up, my asthma bugging me and having to blow my nose all the time. Blah. My plan of working on my contract law essay tonight went out the window as did watching Psych and working on some php programming. Instead, I watched the Flyers game - which was better then Psych - and read some mindless dribble. Yup, nothing too taxing for my brain. Tomorrow is Friday. Which means only one day of work and then the weekend. If I am coming down with a cold, it is the perfect time. I can vegg the entire weekend; watching movies, work on homework and some of my php book. I should go through some more stuff but if I'm sick, then I'm not going to get through as much as I want to. And the auto show is in Philadelphia this weekend. :( I wanted to go see all the pretty cars. I wanted to touch all the pretty cars. I wanted to drool on all the pretty cars. I wanted to lick all the pretty cars. And that last one is...probably inappropriate.

As I said, I watched the Flyers game tonight. There is a reason I tend to forget they're on; when I watch, they lose. If I don't watch, they have a better chance of winning. I must be cursed when it comes to the Flyers. Actually, thinking about it, every game I've watched this year, they've lost. I will have to test this theory on Saturday and if they lose against the Islanders, well, then Jenn has to stop watching the games. If they win, then I can keep watching them. I cannot believe that the Olympics are in a few weeks. I love the winter Olympics. Ice Hockey, Ice Skating, Speed Skating, Skiing, snow boarding bob sleds...its all a lot of fun to watch. I don't mind the summer Olympics but as I love the winter, I like the winter more. The '08 Olympics began on my birthday; 08-08; so that was nice but I still like the winter. I remember back in high school, I was a huge Eric Lindros fan and so I have his team Canada hockey jersey. It was a big mistake wearing that to school. That was the first time someone threatened to pack me into many little boxes and mail me to Canada... You know, I wonder what the penalty is for mailing body parts through the mail.

And looking at the clock, I think I need to go upstairs, curl up under a pile of blankets and let my body get some rest. It is tired tonight. So I hope everyone has a good night and I shall see you all tomorrow night. Or perhaps in the middle of the night if I happen to surface from my slumber unable to sleep. No...laptop does not go to bed with me. Laptop does not go to bed. I will not sleep if it goes to bed with me. And that is so wrong. My brain needs sleep.
Well, I did get some work done on my webpage. Yes, I got all my writings up online at thegrrlgeek.net; well not all since I haven't put any of the crappy fanfiction that I wrote years ago but I did put up the two original pieces that I've written and all my poetry. In looking at the dates that I took them from, I haven't written anything since 2005. I cannot believe that it's been five years since I last wrote poetry. That is the best way that I express myself. And I'm not doing it. I'm going to have to sit down and write; either poetry or original. I haven't decided yet.

Besides that, I watched Sunday night's episode of Worst Cooks in America. I have to say, when these people are left up to their own devices, some of the...mixtures that they come up with is disgusting. I thought that the ground turkey meatloaf with pureed yams with cinnamon sugar mixed in was disgusting. But this one...I...words fail me. It was bruchetta with apples, honey, cinnamon, horseradish and prochutta...I think. Do not quote me on that completely but that is what I remember. Ummm...gross? I'm sorry, I can live with the apples, I can live with the honey even if it does close my throat, I like cinnamon and I like horseradish - but all mixed together? Please. That is...well, my stomach doesn't feel well anymore. LOL. I shouldn't be making fun, I've come up with some pretty weird combinations and I do eat vanilla ice cream with peanut butter, pretzels and gold fish as a topping but still...it's not honey and horseradish mixed together. Okay, I've thrown croutons into that mix ONCE and even I will admit that was pretty gross and not one of my finer moments. If I ever write that I'm going to mix those ingredients together - someone please come through the computer and slap me. Hard. *shudders*

Tonights dinner was just grilled chicken and chicken rice. Nothing special but I really didn't know what to make and I wasn't in the mood for frozen pizza. LOL. When all else fails, make frozen pizza. Tomorrow, Gretchen and I are going out to dinner so the family can fend for themselves. Actually, I know there is a ham butt in the fridge and french cut green beans in the freezer - Roy can make that. She said she's going to smack me...hard...when she sees me. I feel so loved.

There really isn't anything else on tonight; well White Collar is on at 10 but right now, there is nothing on. So I turned on the Phoenix/Detroit hockey game. I know, I know. Bad Jenn. But...but...oh forget it, I have no excuse. I know its not a Flyers game but I was kind of hoping to see Detroit lose. Of course, they were tied at 2 when I turned it on and now they're winning 4-2 with less then five minutes. Blah. I shouldn't have turned it on. Instead of seeing Detroit lose, I'm watching them win. Stupid Jenn. Should have turned it off when they got the 3rd goal - not kept watching it. Ohhh...Phoenix just got a goal and there's still a minute and a half left. Detroit can still lose. It's happened before. And Phoenix just almost scored another goal. If the goalie had dropped missed the puck like he looked like he would.

Okay, I still have 30 minutes until White Collar comes on, I'll be floating around LJ while I work on a php script. And I would just like to say that I read what my icon says and no matter what...I need to live. Even if I do suck at social situations and cannot talk to people unless I spent 40 hours a week with them. I just need to live.

Edit: Phoenix just beat Detroit. LOL. Maybe I didn't make it where they could win.

Next Go Round

Good evening all. This is a general post as I really haven't been on lately. If you wish to defriend me, please do and if you wish to be defriended - please comment in this post.


~ Jenn


Just a quick update; my pc is still down and out. I'm doing good; enjoying not having a pc. Hope to have it back up Saturday or Sunday.